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List Commitee & Reviewer


Penanggung jawab :

1. Abdul Ghofar, SE., M.Si.,DBA.,Ak.
2. Dr. I Gusti Ngurah Agung Suaryana, S.E., M.Si.
3. Dr. Eka Ardhani Sisdyani, SE., M.Com., Ak., CA

Ketua : Dr. I Gusti Ayu Nyoman Budiasih, S.E., M.Si.
Wakil Ketua : Ni Putu Sri Harta Mimba, SE., M.Si., Ph.D., Ak., CA., CMA.
Pengarah : Yeney Widya Prihatiningtias, SE., Ak.,MSA., DBA.
Ketua Pelaksana – Juri Award : Prof. Eko Ganis Sukoharsono, SE, MCom-Hons, CSRS, CSRA, PH.D.
Sekretaris :

1. Devy Pusposari, SE., M.Si, Ak.
2. Dr. I Gusti Ayu Made Asri Dwija Putri, S.E., M.Si., CMA.

Bendahara : Siti Nurcholifah, SE
Anggota :

1. Purweni Widhianningrum, SE., MM., MSA., CSRA
2. Ajeng Kawitaning Negari, S.Ak.
3. Bulan Rahma Nindita, SE
4. Taufiq Ramadhan, SST
5. Kautsar Annisaa S, S.Gz., CSRS
6. Shafira Salsabila, S.S.
7. Oki Wahyu Setiawan, S.S.
8. Alvien Gunawan, SE., MSA
9. Husnul Hatimah, SE., MSA., Ak., CA
10. Gigih Eko Wahyu Prasetyo. A.Md
11. Dr. Ni Ketut Rasmini, S.E., M.Si., Ak., CA.
12. Dr. I Putu Sudana, S.E., Ak., M.S.Acc.
13. Dr. Ni Made Dwi Ratnadi, S.E., M.Si., Ak., CA.
14. Ni Luh Sari Widhiyani, S.E., M.Si.
15. Anak Agung Ngurah Agung Kresnandra, S.E., M.S.A., Ak.,CA.

Award Assessor :

1. Dr. Syaiful Iqbal, Ak., CA., CPMA.
2. Prof. Dr. Bambang Subroto, MM., CA., Ak.
3. Imam Subekti, SE., M.Si., PhD., Ak.
4. Prof. Dr. Sutrisno T, MSi., CA., Ak.
5. Dr. Drs. Bambang Hariadi, M.Ec., CA., Ak.
6. Virginia Nur Rahmanti, SE., MSA., Ak.
7. Prof. Dr. I Wayan Suartana, S.E., Ak., M.Si., CA.
8. Prof. Dr. I Wayan Ramantha, S.E., Ak., MM. CPA.
9. Dr. Dewa Gede Wirama, MSBA., AK., CA.
10. Dr. Ni Made Adi Erawati, S.E., M.Si.
11. Dr. I Gusti Ayu Nyoman Budiasih, S.E., M.Si., CSRS., CSRA.
12. Dr. Komang Ayu Krisnadewi, S.E., Ak., M.Si.

Award Assessor – Discussant :

1. Dr. Wuryan Andayani, SE., Ak.,M.Si.
2. Dr. Lilik Purwanti, MSi., CA., Ak
3. Dr. I Putu Sudana, S.E., MSAcc., AK., CA., CSRA

Discussant :

1. Putu Agus Ardiana, SE., MM., M.Acc&Fin., Ak., CA., CSRS.,CSRA., QWP., AEPP
2. P. D’Yan Yaniartha Sukartha, S.E., Ak., M.Acc., Ph.D
3. Dr. Made Gede Wirakusuma, S.E., M.Si. Ak., CA.
4. I Wayan Pradnyatha Wirasedana
5. Naniek Noviari, SE., M.Si., Ak., CA., BKP
6. Ayu Aryista Dewi, SE., M. Acc

Narasumber :

1. Prof. Danture Wickramasinghe, Ph.D. University of Glasgow (Glasgow, UK)
2. Prof. Eryadi Masli, Swinburne University of Technology (Melbourne, AU)
3. Prof. Dan Stone, University of Kentucky (Lexington, Kentucky, USA)

Moderator :

1. Ni Putu Yutia Mendra
2. P. D’Yan Yaniartha Sukartha, S.E., Ak., M.Acc., Ph.D
3. Dr. Made Gede Wirakusuma, S.E., M.Si. Ak., CA.
4. Komang Krishna Yogantara
5. Elin Erlina Sasanti
6. I Putu Budi Anggitiawan
7. I Made Karya Utama, SE., M.Com., Ak., CA
8. Putu Purnama Dewi
9. Putu Ery Setiawan, SE., M.Com., Ak., CA
10. Gde Herry Sugiarto Asana
11. Yusli Mariadi
12. Wenny Saitri
13. Eka Putri Suryanta


Prof. Dr. Bambang Subroto, SE. ,MM., Ak.
Prof. Dr. Sutrisno T, SE., M.Si., Ak.
Dr. Bambang Hariadi, SE., M.Ec., Ak.
Imam Subekti, SE., M.Si., PhD., Ak.
Dr. Wuryan Andayani, SE., Msi., Ak.
Dr. Lilik Purwanti, SE., MSi., Ak.
Dr. Syaiful Iqbal, Ak., CA., CPMA.
Dr. Virginia Nur Rahmanti, SE., M.S.A., Ak.
Prof. Dr. I Wayan Suartana, S.E., Ak., M.Si., CA.
Prof. Dr. I Wayan Ramantha, SE.Ak.MM.CPA
Dr. I Putu Sudana, SE., MSAcc., Ak., CA., CSRA
Dr. Dewa Gede Wirama, MSBA, Ak., CA
Dr. Ni Made Adi Erawati, S.E., M.Si
Dr. I Gusti Ayu Nyoman Budiasih, S.E., M.Si., CSRS.,CSRA Dr. Komang Ayu Krisnadewi, S.E., Ak., M.Si.


Department of Accountancy
Faculty of Economics and Business
Brawijaya University

Editorial Contact

Department of Accountancy
Faculty of Economics and Business
Brawijaya University
Jl. MT. Haryono No.165, 65145 – Indonesia
[email protected]


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Table of Contents

NoTable of Contents
1A Case Study of Soe Companies: An Analysis of The Content And Quality Principle Of Sustainability Reports
2A Systematic Literature Review On Sustainability Reporting And Sustainability Performance
3Accounting Information System And Financial Sustainability Of A Private University: Case Study At Private University In Surabaya
4An Overview Of Materiality And Stakeholder Engagement In Sustainability Reporting
5Analysis Of The Role Of Corporate Governance, Leverage, And Company Size On Banking Sustainability Report
6Auditor In Deal With The Demand For Sustainability Services Are they ready yet?
7Building Partnership Or Competition Village Business Sustainability
8Circular Economy Approach For Asean’s Clean Energy Transition New Opportunies and Challenges after the COVID-19 Pandemic
9Climate Change Vulnerability To Paddy Production In Bali, Indonesia
10Community Based Tourism (CBT) As An Effort To Achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Of Villages
11Disclosure Of SDGs Sustainability Report Of PT Petrokimia Gresik GRI 2018-2020
12Disclosure Of Sustainable Finance In Indonesian Banking From Institutional Theory Perspective
13Doing It Right Earnings Management Based On Hindu Religious Principles
14E-Government As A Form Of Public Accountability And Emansipatory Spirit or Not?
15Effectiveness Of Organic Waste As Damper On Noise Intensity And Mechanical Vibration Testing Of Pellet Machines
16Empirical Study Of The Influence Of Stakeholders On Corporate Social Responsibility
17Environmental Accounting Disclosure Of Mining Companies In Indonesia: Content Analysis Approach
18Environmental Spending, Human Development, Regional Economy, And Environmental Quality: Evidence from the Provincial Regions in Indonesia
19Financial Accountability Of Wayang Kulit Performances In Surakarta-Yogyakarta, Indonesia
20Gap Positioning And Repositioning Role In Embedding. Sustainability: Re?ection By Educator Accountants
21How To Create A Sustainable Village Credit Institution (Phenomenological Research)
22Implementation Of The Harmony Of Indonesia’s Sustainable Development Goals And Sustainable Development Objecttives PT. Pertamina (Persero): Clean And Affordable Energy
23Implementation Of The Triple Bottom Line In The Philosophy Of Rwabhineda (Ethnographic Studies on the Desa Adat Tenganan Pegringsingan)
24Implentation Carbon Tax In The Perspective Of Maqasid Ash-Syariah To Solve The Environmental Problem
25Integrated Socio-Environment & Economic Initiatives In Pursuance Of Sustainable Mineral Mining Operation in Indonesia: Point of View from Amman Mineral Nusa Tenggara, Batu Hijau Mine Site – West Sumbawa Regency
26Net Zero Green House Gases Strategy In The Rotary Kiln Of The Portland Cement Industry
27Nobel Indonesia, University Social Responsibility Based On Dr Soetomo’s Thoughts
28Professional Management Role In The Implementation of Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility for Business Sustainability
29RSPO Audit Toward Audit Based On Divinity Values, Is It True?
30SIPEDAL As A Sustainability Stimulus On LPD
31Spatial Modeling Of Land Use Changes In The North Coastal City Of Surabaya
32Stakeholders Engagement: Capital To Gain Social License To Operate In Mining Industry
33Strategic Entrepreneurship The Role Of Human Resource Practice And It Capabilities In Managing Performance Firm
34Sustainability Criteria For SMEs Using The Pentuple Bottom Line Approach With The AHP Method
35Sustainability Framework In Higher Education Institution: Agenda For Future Research
36Sustainable Development Policy Of Green Transportation System To Support Green Campus Program At Politeknik Negeri Malang
37Sustainable Financial Values And Rural Bank Risk Mitigation: An Experimental Study
38Sustainable Governance Of Village-Owned Enterprise: Toward Village Sustainable Development Goals
39Sustainable Innovation Based On Sustainable Value Framework Towards Business Sustainability: An Overview
40Tax Consultant Role And Attributes Phenomena On Sustainable Social Development: Tax Authority, Taxpayer, And Tax Advisor Point Of View
41The Digital Transformation of Accounting Principal Subject
42The Effect Of CSR Activities During The Covid-19 Pandemic On Value Relevance
43The Effect Of Size, Profitability And Leverage On Disclosure Of Sustainability Reporting Through The Internet On Registered Mining Sub Sector Companies On The Indonesia Stock Exchange
44The Holistical Happiness Theory Initiating New Theory For Sustainable Finance
45The LQ Analysis And Attractive-Competitiveness Analysis In the Priority Determination of Featured Horticultural Commodities to Drive the Sustainability of Food Security
46The Role Of Civic Society On E-Governance Adop+on Case Study Of Village-Owned Enterprise (Bum Desa) Pangkah Wetan District
47The Role Of Digital Banking For Sustainability Business Of Islamic Rural Banks In Indonesia
48The Role Of Taxpayers’ Income And Knowledge Of Taxpayers On The Improvement Of Tax Compliance
49Peran Penghasilan Wajib Pajak dan Pengetahuan Wajib Pajak Terhadap Peningkaan Kepatuhan Pajak
50The Use Of Performance Measurement Systems And Hospital Waste Management Effectiveness: The Perspective Of A Top Management Team Member
51Tracking The Corporate Social Responsibility Practices (A Case Study in PT. PG Gorontalo)
52Understanding And Awareness Of Green Accounting Application For MSMES (Study On Tofu Industrial Estate, Tropodo Village, Indonesia
53Validate Field Survey Data Through Mobile Application (Case Study In Ministry Social Integrated Welfare Data)
54Village Financial Management An Overview Of Habermas Critical Theory

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NCSR was established in 2005 by government bodies, corporations and individuals in early recognition of the need to develop competency in sustainability within Indonesia. In 2007, the Government of Indonesia included a requirement for conducting some sustainability actions and reporting on those actions for some private and public corporations. Since its inception, NCSR has remained updated on global sustainability issues, becoming a GRI Certified Training Partner and GRI Data Partner. NCSR has run the Indonesia Sustainability Reporting Awards since 2005.

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