Companies, be Responsible for all Your Impacts

4/07/2024 4:27 pm, by ICSP Editor

    Every year I create a list of the best sustainable business books—in addition to lists of sustainability (non-business) books and (non-sustainability) business books. I noticed that the list .......

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Leadership Is Lacking in CSR And ESG

12/09/2023 11:46 am, by ICSP Editor

Leadership Is Lacking in CSR And ESG     Without more leadership, new threats and uncertain times lie ahead for the world of CSR and ESG. But according to a .......

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8 Steps to Enhance Emissions Reporting

31/08/2023 2:19 pm, by ICSP Editor

8 Steps to Enhance Emissions Reporting     The European Commission’s European Sustainability Reporting Standards developed as part of the EU’s Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive will also come into play .......

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Indonesia Issued Carbon Exchange Regulation

28/08/2023 2:25 pm, by ICSP Editor

Indonesian Government Issued Carbon Exchange Regulation     The Indonesian Financial Services Authority’s (OJK) has officially issued guidelines and references for carbon trading on carbon exchanges on August 23, 2023. .......

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ESG Need Economic Growth for Emerging Markets

22/08/2023 10:27 am, by ICSP Editor

ESG Need Economic Growth for Emerging Markets     The Emerging Markets Institute (EMI) at the S.C. Johnson College of Business at Cornell University believes that for emerging markets, ESG .......

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Earth Overshoot Day: August 2nd, 2023

2/08/2023 1:44 pm, by ICSP Editor

  Earth Overshoot Day is the day of the year on which humanity’s demand on nature exceeds the Earth’s annual biological capacity to regenerate. In 2023, It falls on August .......

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Institute of Certified Sustainability Practitioners (ICSP) is an organization for Sustainability Practitioners. Established to educate professionals preserving natural and social capital resources by using principle professional guidelines.

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NCSR was established in 2005 by government bodies, corporations and individuals in early recognition of the need to develop competency in sustainability within Indonesia. In 2007, the Government of Indonesia included a requirement for conducting some sustainability actions and reporting on those actions for some private and public corporations. Since its inception, NCSR has remained updated on global sustainability issues, becoming a GRI Certified Training Partner and GRI Data Partner. NCSR has run the Indonesia Sustainability Reporting Awards since 2005.

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