Dr. Chaerul D. Djakman MBA, CA, CSRS, CSRA, AMRP, CSP

ICSP No 10 23 1726

Dr. Chaerul D. Djakman is currently given the mandate as Chair of the University of Indonesia Vocational Committee and Senior Advisor to the Public Accountant Office of RSM Indonesia, Advisor to the Accounting Development Center and at the same time a senior teaching staff at the Faculty of Economics and Business University of Indonesia (FEB UI) for Bachelor and Postgraduate Programs

Previously, Chaerul was the Director of the Accounting Development Center at the University of Indonesia (PPA UI) and was a member of the Bank Indonesia Supervision Agency (BSBI), and member of the Steering Committee of the Bank Indonesia KAK Compilation Committee, Secretary of the FEB UI Academic Senate and Chair of FEB UI.

Chaerul was and is currently President Commissioner of PT Salemba Emban Pratama, Independent Commissioner / Chair of the Audit and Governance Committee of PT Asuransi Bintang Tbk, a member of the Audit Committee of PT Garuda Indonesia (Persero) Tbk and PT Indofarma Tbk. As well as being involved in the assessment of the management of public companies and KSEI.

In the sustainability profession, Chaerul is the Chair of the Advisory Board (Chairman, Board of Advisors) of the National Center for Sustainability Reporting (NCSR). In addition, Chaerul is also a member of the Professional Certification Compliance Committee from the Sustainability Professional Certification Institute.

Chaerul achieved a doctorate in accounting from the University of Indonesia, an MBA education from the University of Colorado at Boulder, USA and a degree in economics and accounting certification through the University of Indonesia.

Chaerul has 30 years of work experience in various assignments such as research, consultants, instructors, and trainers in accounting and business as well as BAN assessors for Accounting and Management study programs at various universities throughout Indonesia, corporate governance assessors, and technical specialists in the banking industry. ISO 9001/2008 assessment. Chaerul also devotes much of his time to carrying out community service for the most in need such as teaching at the University of Indonesia, business consulting and training which is part of the University of Indonesia, helping many activities of FEUI and UI students and the community, involved in professional association activities such as the Association of Accountants Indonesia, the Indonesian Institute of Certified Public Accountants, the Association of Accountants who care about social and environmental issues (National Center for Sustainability of Reporting (NCSR)), the Indonesian Institute of Accountants Compartment Educators Association and help and are responsible for several social organizations.

Institute of Certified Sustainability Practitioners (ICSP) is an organization for Sustainability Practitioners. Established to educate professionals preserving natural and social capital resources by using principle professional guidelines.

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NCSR was established in 2005 by government bodies, corporations and individuals in early recognition of the need to develop competency in sustainability within Indonesia. In 2007, the Government of Indonesia included a requirement for conducting some sustainability actions and reporting on those actions for some private and public corporations. Since its inception, NCSR has remained updated on global sustainability issues, becoming a GRI Certified Training Partner and GRI Data Partner. NCSR has run the Indonesia Sustainability Reporting Awards since 2005.

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